Use Case Brain Storm

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Use Cases

  • energy saving
    • turn out lights based on motion
    • set AC to powersave (turn up temperature in summer, down in winter) while everyone is away
  • use system to locate lost items
  • game (there has to be some game that can take advantage of this system)
  • cell phone based control
    • as Chung was describing
    • universal remote
    • away from home (fire, burglar, etc.)
  • notifications
    • phone ringing message, new mail, etc. displayed on TV and other devices
  • TV can control devices like TVs, speakers, lights
  • video camera sends video directly to TV or computer
  • base station based control
    • provides cell phone and web based control
  • both poll and event (aka, push v. pull) based communication
    • difference between time left on microwave and fire alarm

Relevant Non Functional Aspects

  • security
  • cost
    • installation
      • communication in a big house will be more difficuilt in a large house - range of wireless, etc.
    • maintanence
    • use
  • ease
    • installation
    • maintanence
    • use
      • a big house would need the interfaces to be able to scale (scrolling through 100+ devices would not be fun)
      • form queries to "search" through available devices
        • devices can share metadata:
          • room
          • category (entertainment, security, etc.)
        • use metadata to sort through devices (can order devices in different ways - akin to the different ways songs can be sorted on your iPod)
  • extensibility

Available Architectures

  • centralized (aka. one base station)
  • fault-tolerant centralized (aka. one base station, but backups available)
    • EA: I don't actually know what this means to us.
  • distributed (aka. no central base station - all devices can communicate directly with all other devices)


  • TV, stereo, home entertainment system
  • refigerator
  • computer
  • cell phone
  • lights
  • security cameras
  • tub
    • schedule it to fill up the tub with X° water to Y height
  • kitchen sink
    • we need to come up with a use case for this - it would be great to say "everything and the kitchen sink"

Communication Possibilities

  • 802.11 (wireless)
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • IR
  • electric outlets
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